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someone is painting some lemons and oranges with watercolor on the paper next to them
Lemon and Watercolor Science
wooden spoons and popsicle shapes are arranged on a table with rulers, pencils, and other crafting supplies
Wooden ice cream
a muffin tin filled with different types of fruits and vegetables next to an open book
6 Fresh Picnic Ideas to Try This Summer
What better way to savour sunny weather than with a picnic? From finger foods to protecting your drinks from pesky bugs to the perfect playlist – these tips will completely transform every picnic you have from now on. Try these 6 picnic ideas to enjoy the #FreshOutdoors with family and friends this summer.
an outdoor kitchen made out of wooden pallets in the middle of a garden area
a colorful wind chime in the middle of a grassy area with trees behind it
36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom
hula hoop ribbon chandelier - party time
there are two pictures of different plants and rocks in the garden, one has a dog on it
a card with confetti sprinkles on it sitting next to a stone wall
“Your fingerprints will remain on each life you have touched.” Make a new quote to have grandkids fingerprints painted... #marinaskitchentable #grandkids