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A - Signature tutorial | +91 8304091383 WhatsApp/ telegram/
A - Signature tutorial | +91 8304091383 WhatsApp/ telegram/ - YouTube
3D model for sketching
🫧I used to build an angle manually, measure every millimeter. And you know what? Everything is known in comparison👍 🏡But as soon as I started raising the 3D model in the program, I realized one thing: «My sketches won’t be the same» Using the 3D model: ✨colossal time savings ✨ you can quickly and accurately choose the angle for the future sketch ✨you can experiment with different objects ✨quickly switch between 2d and 3d I can continue again and again 😁
Plaster of Paris - MOON
Had a thrilling experience handcrafting this moon with plaster of Paris through perspective illusion of an LED light ! Created for @kidio_studio 🌛 . Walking you through the sculpting process in 43 secs 🌝 . . . . #moon #isro #moonlight #moonmagick #plasterofparis #moonlovers #wallartdecor #wallinstallation #wallmural #muralartist #muralpainting #muralist #muralarts #muralla #kidsphotoshoot #kidsphotographystudio #photographystudio #plaster #plastering #plasterart #plasterer #plastersculpture #
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porsche pink💗
a woman with long blonde hair and big round glasses on her face is posing for the camera
Recuperando sua Barbie
Em nosso post de hoje, iremos compartilhar dicas, truques e técnicas para revitalizar suas bonecas Barbie danificadas e trazê-las de volta à vida. Seja para uso pessoal ou para uma potencial fonte de renda através da venda dessas bonecas renovadas, o processo de transformação é uma experiência gratificante e inspiradora.
a living room filled with white couches next to a large painting on the wall
Modular Channel Customizable Sectional, Sectionals
Create the perfect seating solution with the Modular Channel Customizable Sectional. Crafted with curved edges, tufted details, and a modern silhouette, this sofa allows for flexible arrangement into both couch and sectional formats. Its timeless and eye-catching design will make it an elegant centerpiece to any living space.
a black and white photo of a lion's face, with the words lions on it
How to Draw a Realistic Lion like an Artist - Studio Wildlife
a drawing of a lion's face
two pink vases sitting on top of a wooden table with feathers sticking out of them
two white chairs sitting at a table in front of a glass window with a bowl on it
Ноги в интерьере (трафик)