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the document is shown in pink and black, with red lines on it's side
the text is written in russian and english
a poster with an image of a red flask and the words russian on it
an image of the chemical formulas for different types of substances and their names in russian
Хим св кет
an exercise sheet with numbers and symbols for the calculations in this class, you can use both
the document is shown in pink and black
a diagram with different types of words and numbers in russian, including the word's name
two papers with diagrams on them sitting next to each other
a white paper with writing on it and two diagrams in red, green, and blue
Hand-Drawn: Ozonolysis (in Russian – на русском)
an image of some type of chemical notation
a whiteboard with writing on it and an image of the formula for each element
Hand-Drawn: Alkynes (in Russian – на русском)