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Anne-Marit Holmseth

Anne-Marit Holmseth
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Marja Pirilä

Bedroom Portaits: Visions of the Outside World Picture of woman with clouds on back camera obscura Picture of couple on bed with clouds

Marja Pirilä - Pesquisa Google

Marja Pirilä has been fascinated with the camera obscura process since the when she worked extensively with pinhole cameras and even built a few cabin-sized contraptions.

writing prompt: tell the story:

(Open RP) She sighed and twirled the kitchen knife that she stabbed me with. "That was pathetically easy." She walked to the end of the ally to make sure no one was around, then she came back and chafed my hand. "Then again," she mused.

Tears | sad | sadness | eye | make up | runny | unhappy | upset | skin

The girl looks like she was crying after an event took place where she was required to wear makeup. (ie wedding, dance, a date, ect). The emphasis is on the eye and the make up running with her tears. This gives the work unity and symbolism.