Anne-Marit Holmseth

Anne-Marit Holmseth

Anne-Marit Holmseth
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Marja Pirilä

Bedroom Portaits: Visions of the Outside World Picture of woman with clouds on back camera obscura Picture of couple on bed with clouds

Marja Pirilä - Pesquisa Google

Marja Pirilä has been fascinated with the camera obscura process since the when she worked extensively with pinhole cameras and even built a few cabin-sized contraptions.

Tears | sad | sadness | eye | make up | runny | unhappy | upset | skin

The girl looks like she was crying after an event took place where she was required to wear makeup. (ie wedding, dance, a date, ect). The emphasis is on the eye and the make up running with her tears. This gives the work unity and symbolism.