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an image of wild thistles in watercolor and ink on paper with the words, 5 high resolution fg images 28x23 inches
Purple Thistle Clipart Bundle Scottish Wildflower Prairie - Etsy Canada
Draw, Beautiful, Bloemen, Flores, Drawings
three purple flowers with green stems against a black background
two blue flowers with green leaves on a black background
Flowers Bouquet, Big Flowers, Dried Flower Bouquet, Faux Flowers
an illustration of various types of leaves and berries on a tree branch, from the 19th century to the present day
an illustration of a plant with red berries and green leaves
Mountain Cranberry (Vaccinium vitisdaea minus)
a red rose with green leaves and buds on a white background is featured in this antique print
21 Picture of a Wild Rose!
an open book with sunflowers and other flowers on it's pages, including one