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phlox-lychee shere,yogurt filled longan and lychee, dragon fruit, sweet black sesame soil,phlox

Fine Dining - Glorious translucence and textures. / Phlox-stained lychee sphere, yogurt-filled longan and lychee, dragon fruit, and sweet black sesame soil. Plate by freelance chef Linda of playingwithfireandwater.

Molecular Gastronomy Infographic on Behance

Molecular Gastronomy is the practice of combining experimental chemistry with the culinary arts to alter the properties of liquid and solid food. This information graphic contains explanations and applications of various methods of preparing food by unus…

Molecular gastronomy: Powdered Ice Cream inside Candy Strawberry - YouTube

For the past decade, molecular gastronomy has redefined creative boundaries through the combination of science and the art of cooking.