Airedale Terriers

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an image of a woman holding a dog on the cover of her book, best in show
an image of a dog on the grass with people in the background and text about it
a small dog is peeking out from under the door frame with his head sticking out
a dog jumping up into the air with a tennis ball in its mouth
a brown dog wearing pearls and a pink flower in its hair sitting on a lawn chair
a dog sitting on the ground looking up at something in front of it's door
two dogs dressed up in jail clothes on the floor, one is brown and the other is black
a brown dog sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says, maize is more interested in the treat than modeling her halloween costume for you
a close up of a dog's face on a wooden door frame with it's nose sticking out
a wet dog standing on top of a bath tub