Moscow flirt - Why I love this image

Moscow is worth visiting. I had such great opportunities there, so I’d like to go back. I really love this situation. The woman was dancing around him – quite happy – flirting and…

Road Crossing

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Any news, sir?

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London underground Shot handheld with my Nikon and Tamron mm.

Loneliness - Why I love this picture

Angel in the fields in London is one of the good old English pubs. I had a drink there together with some colleges when this man came in. He was alone, had some shopping bags and ordered a small dr…

Lonely - Why I love this picture

When I visited London Lumiere Festival in January I enjoyed a meet-up with some photography friends. We spent all Saturday evening/night shooting. We took a shortcut from one installation to …

Photos have a powerful language - Why I love this photo

A mothers arms are made of tenderness. Her love for kids is forever and her shoulder brings warmth, care and security.


Being a parent is sometimes exhausting. Relax in small portions may be a good advice. “Grant me the patience to deal with my blessings” – Unknown I captu… | Waiting | Oslo Central Station 2016 | | Waiting | Oslo Central Station 2016 |

On the street

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