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Laundry design for compact living

Four wall-mounted drying racks in a mudroom create an instant indoor drying room; recreate the look with four wall-mounted racks from Ikea. For something similar, consider Ikea's wall-mounted Grundtal Drying Rack;

Telenor E-post :: ❤ hjemmedekor? Se hva som er i vinden denne uken

THIS IS FABULOUS – I LOVE the plastic bins. It has always bugged me that most laundry bins are solid and fabric

Telenor E-post :: Vi fant noen nye Pins til Kjøkken-tavlen din

The sky is the limit when tall ceilings meet compact floor plans. The homes featured in this post sacrificed some of their impressive height for the sake of gai

FINN – Lunde - Nome - Landbrukseiendom; ca 795 da - Våningshus, stabbur og driftsbygning

ca 795 da - Våningshus, stabbur og driftsbygning