Anne Fjerdingøy

Anne Fjerdingøy

Anne Fjerdingøy
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A simple worksheet that involves students in looking at pictures to identify whether the noun is singular or plural and then circle the correct form by using the rule of adding for regular plural form.

Select the singular or plural noun to match the picture. Grammar for Kindergarten or Year 1 Flourishing in Kindergarten: Spelling- plurals and syllables

Plurals posters...4 great free posters

Our Spelling dictation words this week are focusing on plurals. I'm a bit worried about introducing this concept with ELL learners, so I th.

Clothes and Accessories - crossword

A crossword to practise clothes vocabulary. Greyscale and KEY included. Have a nice weekend mada :) - ESL worksheets

english worksheet

it contains some materials for kindergarten. colour, numbers, school things, parts of the house. i hope you like these worksheets because ISL collective always helps me to do my english class.