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Camilla Korvington

Camilla Korvington
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water element <--- this is way too awesome

Catch Concept Art by Bryan Marvin P. Sola, a concept artist from Philippines. Bryan creates fantasy as well as sci-fi art, which is really amazing. Naida the watercaster The duel Abbadon The warrior The life giver… Continue Reading →

Acolyte of Embers by cobaltplasma

A Bos-Jin is a spirit that roams the sands of Sarducaa, many tales are told of the origins of these beings -- from ancient mages who made a great sacrifice to visitors from another plane of existence.

Fire magic: Not a lot of healing, but if you _really_ want to bring the pain on a large area, you can't get better than the Lore of Fire

Book jacket cover illustration–and full wraparound–for Morgan Rhodes’ FALLING KINGDOMS series FROZEN TIDES, Book in the series. Published by Penguin/Razorbill and Art Directed by the indomitable Anthony Elder.

This isn't Ashe but she sure looks like her and makes me want to have a map with rain...

warrior 2 by ~wlop # Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / Fantasy. Dark-haired girl in a hooded robe with a glowing arrow in her bow.

Monks can be easily identified by their simple robes, unique holy symbols, and lean, yet powerful, physiques.

Love this little kid! Yichuan Li, aka rikelee is a professional concept artist based in Shanghai, China. From Japanese Geisha, warrior to charming fantasy subjects, Rike’s work captures the soul of characters and rendered in vibrant colors.