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an image of a pattern that looks like it has been made with yarn and thread
Normal Pattern #2359 Variation #2288Normal Pattern #2359 |
the pattern is made up of different colors and shapes
two pieces of beaded fabric next to some wheat
Normal pattern #34499
a cross stitch pattern with red, orange and white beads on black background that has an image of two people standing in front of them
a pink, blue and white rope with a hook on it sitting on a surface
a cross stitch pattern on the app
bracelet tutorial
an image of a game board with numbers and symbols on the front, in blue, red
Normal pattern #90058
an image of a computer screen with some type of stitching pattern on the bottom
Wave bracelet wider
an image of a colorful pattern on the side of a wall with numbers and colors
Normal pattern #53093 | BraceletBook