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Ada Elvira
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Rare Grey-cheeked Parakeet (Brotogeris pyrrhoptera) | These little parakeets from South America are gregarious, lovable, can mimic few words & known for their very loud vocals. These birds were dubbed as "pocket parakeets or parrots" & imported in numbers as pets for children which they would carry them in their pockets. Due to excessive trapping & importation of these parakeets & other related Brotogeris....are now protected....

Endangered species from Ecuador. Specific epithet now changed to "pyrrhoptera" from Gr. purrhos "flame-coloured", -pteros "-winged"-Parrot Of The DayšŸŽ„ (

The LonĀ­don Sceneā€“Damon Baker shoots a black and white series feaĀ­turĀ­ing new Select recruit, Pavel BaraĀ­nov.

The London Sceneā€“Damon Baker shoots a black and white series featuring new Select recruit, Pavel Baranov.

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