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Annabeth Chase
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YES! I would kill Leo for leaving them that long but YES!

I would kill Leo for leaving them that long but YES! And Calypso isn't a demigod. She's the daughter of Titans, right?

Oh no. Nico skipped lunch. What will Will, Jason, Reyna and Hazel do, when Piper is telling them that... xD

♥ The seven plus Nico. Since coach hedge isn't there. Jut some fanart of Rick Riordan's book series; Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus. ♥ The crew of the Argo 2

That would be so funny!<<<would be? WOULD be? It's obviously not true. It was so Paul blofis

I honestly think part of this is true. (In headcanon sense). Sally Jackson wrote the Percy Jackson series under the pen name 'Rick Riordan'. Because she didn't want to endanger Percy, she had her husband, Paul Blofis, promote the book as Rick Riordan.

I want a Nico and a Leo. A Nico for me and a Leo for my best friend.

Uhm where's Percy? The top one is gender bent Thalia I want me a Percy. Or a stoll brother, preferably Connor bc I ship Tratie. Or actually any of the pjo guys XD<< lol the top one is viria's punk Percy

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW sooooooooooooooooooo cute

when did mrs o leary have puppies? and who's the father?

A fish?!?! Hahahahaha Hahahahaha lololol

A fish? Hahahahaha Hahahahaha lololol<<<<< Remember Percy is a son of Poseidon and doesn't eat fish, I'm his demigod sister and also don't eat fish

Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase

The thing above says that Percy's respect isn't gonna get him any where,yet he is respected by the gods including Athena,Artemis and Dionysus