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two children are sitting at a table with blue and green water in plastic bottles on it
Tornado in a Bottle | STEAM Experiment for Kids - Engineering Emily
a person holding a plastic bottle with writing on it and an object in the shape of a rocket
Squeezy Bottle Rocket STEAM Experiment
an advertisement for the cub scout model solar system with instructions on how to use it
How to Make an Awesome Model Solar System From Toilet Paper
How to Make an Awesome Model Solar System From Toilet Paper
a maze in the shape of a spaceship with an arrow pointing to it and another person standing
printable-space-maze-bw – Tim's Printables
printable-space-maze-bw - Tim's Printables
four coloring pages with stars and a rocket
These Free Printable Mazes for Kids Are Out of This World
the star projector activity is shown with instructions to make it look like an object
Why do the stars come out at night?
free planets sort worksheet for kids to learn about the planets and how they are made
FREE Printable Planet Sorting Activity
a clear glass bottle with a yellow bow on the top and gold foil wrapped around it
Space STEM: Shooting Star Spinner Toy
the free constellation mini book printable for kids
FREE Constellation Printables Min Book pdf
a bottle with a rocket ship in it sitting on the floor next to a magnet
How to Make a Squeeze Bottle Rocket