I miss doing wedding flowers!

Just a small bouquet of flowers attached to chairs down the aisle. It would work even if you have tables and chairs. Just attach them to the chairs that would be along the aisle.

Fit in a White-Picket Fence Cottage garden style

The Elements of Cottage Garden Design

Fit in a White Picket Fence. Though not every cottage garden has a white-picket fence, the two do seem to go hand-in-hand. You don't have to use the fence to create a boundary. A short section simply could hold up favorite floppy perennials.


Items similar to flower photography- tree blossoms- pink bokeh- Pink Spring fine art photograph on Etsy

baby goats

oh hey look it's a bunch of fucking goats fuck you here’s a goat and look at this fucking baby goat cluster what’s that? you want to see some baby goats that fucking look like bunnies?