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a painting of a winter scene with a house in the background and snow on the ground
a baby girl card with flowers and a spoon
Bodil Hansen
"Welcome Baby" Beautiful layout. Would love to put an actual baby spoon on the layout.
a handmade card with an animal on it's face and ribbon around the corner
Scraps and more...
De laatste kaartjes van dit jaar. Als eerste een babykaartje voor een nichtje die pas haar eerste kindje heeft gekregen...
an ornament with a red ribbon hanging from it's side on the ground
Via fb
an ornate card with a horse drawn carriage
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Marianne Design
a close up of a card with flowers and leaves on the inside of it,
Handmade by Mihaela
Handmade by Mihaela
a card with a bird on top of it and some flowers in the middle of it
creatable kerstkaarten
creatable kerstkaarten - Google-søgning
a white card with flowers and swirls on the front, sitting on a table
a christmas card with an ornament on it
CorryB Kaartengalerij
CorryB Kaartengalerij
a christmas card with an ornament in the shape of a snowflake
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Voorbeeldkaart - geen titel - Categorie: Stansapparaten - Hobbyjournaal uw hobby website
two paper snowflakes are hanging on the wall
Sylvia's Kaartenpret
Sylvia's Kaartenpret
a card with an image of a baby on it
a card with pink shoes and flowers on it's side, which says pamantaha
Z okazji Chrztu Św. ...
... z bucikami dla dziewczynki. Dziękuję Wam za odwiedziny i każde miłe słowo :))
a close up of a card on a wooden surface with flowers and birds in the background
Kaartengalerij - Marianne Design