Andreas Bergrud Fredriksen

Andreas Bergrud Fredriksen

Andreas Bergrud Fredriksen
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Swan heart so sweet. These beautiful birds have one love forever. I have read that if one dies the other one can actually die of a broken heart. Together they have formed a heart of Love.

Hello Owl

It’s International Owl Awareness Day, and we’re celebrating these majestic birds with awesome owl photos and facts! With fluffy feathers, large eyes and dramatic facial expressions, these birds of.

A BEAUTIFUL blue kingfisher dive-bombs straight as an arrow into a lake β€” and soars majestically back into the air clutching its catch. The incredible picture is made up from six frames taken within milliseconds by wildlife photographer Tony House, 44, from Milton Keynes, at Elstow, Bedford.

Look at this bird the King Fisher. This little creature was created by God unique to survive. The King Fisher has a coat of feathers that do not soak up water so that it can dive under water quickly and swiftly without having to dry of.