Alf Henning Bekkevik

Alf Henning Bekkevik

Alf Henning Bekkevik
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I really wish I had a garden big enough for a glass greenhouse like this in my current home !

Over 151 people liked this! Romantic Cottage Style or Victorian Style Greenhouse. A tiny garden house made from recycled vintage windows. ShabbyChic little house. Perfect for historic backyard. Magical potting shed.

hostas care

Homemade hosta spray to keep away bugs Supplies needed for monthly spraying: Sprayer that attaches to hose 1 cup of Listerine Mouthwash (original) 1 cup of Epson Salt 1 cup Ammonia 1 cup Ajax Dish soap (lemon)

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A great potting shed gets to me everytime. This is at Soho Farmhouse. Sheds like this are so appealing with their piles of upended terracotta pots and slatted potting tables and loads of special bulbs and tender plants. This is a repost from via

You could grow a lot of strawberries with this system

Vertical gardening for greens: this link doesn't contain directions, just beautiful garden pics. Pinned for the picture reference/idea