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an assortment of food items on a table with mushrooms, grass and other things to make them look like they're eating
Mossy milk chocolate dipped pretzel “logs”! 🪵🥨🍄✨💚The perfect salty/sweet treat! They’re adorned with little royal icing mushrooms that are piped on parchment and left to dry over night! They’re easy to peel off and stick on anything! The moss is simply green cake crumbs - I have another video a few reels back on how to make it! Royal icing2 cups powdered sugar (sifted)5 tsp meringue powder5 (+/-)Tablespoons water Gel food coloringAdd the powdered sugar, meringue powder, and water to a mixing bowl. Mix using your whisk attachment until completely smooth (1-2 minutes). If the mixture is too runny add more sugar. If it’s too stiff add more water! #nobake #pretzels #chocolatelover #mushroomart #christmasbaking | Must Love Herbs | Man DeLorean · Sugar Plum Fairy
a table that has some food on it in the middle of a yard with trees
Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 19 of 28
a bunch of flowers that are sitting on some sticks in front of a stair case
Singing flowers - Alice in Wonderland party These are a little cheesy. I think I would put a lot more detail into them! But it would be a super fun idea!
a hallway decorated with fake rocks and plants on the walls, along with stuffed animals
alice in wonderland rabbit hole ideas
alice in wonderland rabbit hole ideas - Yahoo Search Results
there is a white plate with pink and purple striped cookies on it next to a card
Wonderland Food & Drink Treats
an open doorway with white curtains and flowers on the door, in front of a black carpeted floor
a platter with fruit, crackers and other food items in the shape of a heart
65+ Whimsical and Fun Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas
there is a teapot with flowers in it and other decorations on top of the table
Alice in Wonderland Flowers
a table topped with lots of cookies on top of a metal plate next to a cup and saucer
Real Parties: An Amazing Alice in Wonderland Birthday
a table topped with vases filled with flowers and other items on top of it
Alice In Wonderland Party & Baby Shower | Food, Decorations, and More!
some yellow and brown decorations hanging from the ceiling in a living room with two clocks
Alice in Wonderland Party
two pink flamingos standing next to each other in the grass
Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas
a cardboard door with a drawing of a man's face on it
Alice in Wonderland Door Knob