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Moving Off Your Leg

Teaching your horse to move off your leg is an essential part of riding and should be one of the first things you work on in the saddle. Whether you show your horse or like to trail ride, it's something that you'll use to prepare for lope departures, lead changes, and successful spins.

Crack the Rollback

Use this rollback exercise at home to ensure that you stay out of the penalty box when you go show.

Westfall Horsemanship | Official Site of Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall is famous for her championship bareback bridleless freestyle reining, winning the Road to the Horse colt starting competition and teaching.

STOP ON WHOA by Clinton Anderson - Performance Horse Digest

Photos courtesy of Darrell Dodds A good stop is important for your safety and overall control. Using the Stop on Whoa exercise, you can teach your horse to stop off a voice command and your seat without having to pull on his mouth with the reins. Most horses will stop when you pull on the […]

How to Perform Perfect Pivots with Robin Frid - GoHorseShow

Ah, pivots. A maneuver that really needs no introduction as we’ve all seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and we all know it’s a maneuver that needs perfecting if we want to win in the Showmanship and/or the Horsemanship. GoHorseShow sat down with AQHA Professional Horseman and judge Robin Frid, whose clients have […]

Lope 'Out Loud'

If you get breathless and jittery at the lope, try this to substitute enjoyment for anxiety.

Lope Slow on a Loose Rein with Complete Control

To get this video about loping slow with control, go to: http://www.HorseTrainingVideos.comHow To Teach Your Horse To Lope Slow On A Loose Rein With Complete...

The Best Training Tip I Know

The secret to effective horse training is simple: You have to know when to quit.

Circle Precision

Use these two exercises to hone your horse’s circling ability and ‘guide.’

Have a Snappy Ranch Riding Spin

Stay out of the penalty box and learn what judges look for in a ranch riding spin.

Horse Drops His Shoulder On Turns, Circles? Do This

This exercise will have your horse bending nicely, using his hindquarters, and keeping that shoulder up whenever you steer him.

6 Keys to Developing Cow Sense - Western Horseman

Cutting-horse trainer Kory Pounds shares six strategies that ensure your young horse develops cow sense and confidence from the start.

Dealing with the Lazy Horse - Horse Illustrated

Riding a horse that refuses to go forward is like having a Ferrari with no gas pedal; sure, it’s nice to look at, but it’s absolutely useless. I teach horses to move forward off my legs using three separate cues: squeeze, cluck and spank. To begin, find a safe, controlled area to practice in, …

Master the Downward Lope Transition

Avoid penalties incurred by half-stopping during a downward transition from a fast lope to a slow lope with these tips.