Aasta Karlsen
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brown and red

Black, red, white - a classic combination of colors, diluted by soft beige and brown tones. It all depends on how the accents will be placed. The compositi

dirty green

Fresh and summer-like rich colors range. Great combination of deep colors - brown and wine red with light bright tones.


An extraordinary sea palette in fresh colors. Blue shades and azure attract with its coolness. They may be used for room decoration that looks on south sid.

light blue and blue

Color Palette A wild, colorful palette with rich colors. Cobalt blue, cornflower, color of green grass are greatly counterbalanced by calm grey and strict black.

pale lilac

A passionate, lively composition. It will be appreciated by brave and actives people. Scarlet, red, pink shades – resolute and daring combination.

red and orange

Wonderful "tasty" palette as juicy summer fruits and berries. Shades of green, pink and bright red - a lovely song, fresh and cheerful. Suitable for the creation of original, very female interior. The base color can choose pastel green or light green.

shades of yellow

Color palette Rocks, catchy palette, which is not exactly in danger of being overlooked. Colors offer to join the celebration of life. Stunningly beautiful combination o.