Aasmund Aanestad-Bakke

Aasmund Aanestad-Bakke

Aasmund Aanestad-Bakke
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Photo booth.

There are many options for a photobooth sign for your wedding. Many people choose a personalised sign or a chalkboard. For our sign we have a vintage frame that's on a stand.

photoshoot ideas

For each and every photo session I do, there are a handful of shots I always try to get. The night before a session, my mind turns and ideas bounce around

51 Forest Fashion Shoots - From Forest Goddess Editorials to Softly Cinematic Shoots (TOPLIST)

Forest Fashion - Nowadays, fashion editorials are showcasing all sorts of inventive and out-of-the-ordinary background locations in order to attract readers, and th.

Boudoir Lighting Tips eBook

A Complete Guide to Boudoir Lighting eBook - Over sixty pages packed full of information, this boudoir photography ebook is all you will ever need for shooting boudoir photography and creating beautiful images.