Baron Jann-Erik Aas Johansen

Baron Jann-Erik Aas Johansen

Baron Jann-Erik Aas Johansen
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Viking throne,

Viking throne with carvings, based on the Irish tuam chair and carvings in the Urnes Stave Church. So much awesome.

Wooden lantern-- great for obscuring electric lights.

Wooden lantern-- Not viking period so am reluctant to use BUT very practical

From Tromsø, Norway, dating from about AD 1100. Worth clicking through to read the article.

Pendant crucifix reliquary hung on a necklace of braided silver wire, ending in late Urnes style animal heads, dating from about AD Tromsø hoard, Norway.

A Viking Ship that you can purchase. The Viking Ship Museum will construct a boat for you for €33,000 – 53,000.

The custom-built Viking ships are offered in a range of models, including the nearly ten-metre Gokstad Ship. Museum selling Viking ships to the public

Viking boat based on longship 'Harald Fairhair'

Small Viking boat-based sail and oar craft, inspired by the longship 'Harald Fairhair'