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the back cover of an article with text in black and white
20 Things I have already told my son! by Sacagawea
the poem for my baby boy and me
When my son was a baby, he didn't like to be cuddled so when he did fall asleep in my arms, I cherished it deeply*
a piece of paper with an old poem written in it
I felt you. You were a pea. Then a lemon. Then an eggplant. I followed advice. I read twelve books. I quit caffeine. Could you tell I was scared? I talked to you, sang to you... I wasn't ready. But then you were here. Ten toes. Seven pounds. Love. Big fat love. I held you. I fed you. I realized that I would spend my life doing things to make you happy -- and that that would make me happy. And then there are the times I want to give up. You've made me rethink my...
i never knew a real hero until i met my prenatture baby - premerce babies & beyond
Facebook: Premature Babies & Beyond #preemie
a poem written in black on a blue background with the words'and once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive
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Such a true NICU quote.... I can also say this about my labor and delivery! I look back and have NO idea how I made if through! I am just so thankful that both Beni and I did! #prayers #prayersarestrongwords More
a poem written in purple and white with an image of the words i love you
Couldn't be better said, sweet Grayson!! You have taught me more than you know!
a quote that says, sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart
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Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart - Winne the Pooh #quote
a sign that says being the parent of a preemie means your extra special after all god doesn't just pick anybody
Part One: Welcome to the World Delaney Grace | It Sux to be Fat
Not sure about this one??? I personally hated when people said this to me. Remember thinking in my head something a lot darker, something about an ant bully and I was the ant.
a purple ribbon with the words i fear because it was too early, i tried to
#preemie #nicu #preemiesupportandawareness