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red and white rope on a white background
Haubans Hilleberg 2 mm
Hilleberg Guy Line
an image of a tent with measurements
Kenetrek Boots
RAJD SHELTER There's nothing like the feeling you get from strapping on your pack and taking to the woods for a few days of stealth mode hunting. Your only mistake would be taking a bivy along when you could "live the good life" in the RADJ at about the same weight. You can pitch it with trekking poles or branches (poles available separately), and best of all, you can sit up, move around and keep your pack with you. Durable and waterproof. Fits two. 2.2lbs.
a tent pitched up in the middle of a forest
Tarp • Hilleberg the Tentmaker
Hilleberg Tarp 10
a green tent with the top open
Hilleberg the Tentmaker
1100 gram Hilleberg - Rajd 2 persoonstent green
a man is sleeping in a tent on the ground
Tarp • Hilleberg the Tentmaker
Hilleberg Tarp 10
a man laying in the grass next to a tent with a sleeping bag on it
Mesh Ridge
Hilleberg - Mesh Ridge
a man sitting in a red tent on top of snow covered ground
Atlas • Group tent • Hilleberg
Hilleberg - Atlas 4 Season - Sleeps 8.
a large white and brown kite sitting on top of a green grass covered field with trees in the background
Single-pole pyramidal tarp tent. The front closes and is shown with "door flaps" folded back.
the diagram shows how many different angles can be seen in this image, including three triangles
Tarp Tent Set Up if I can learn how to sew d rings on a tarp, I'd make one
a black tent sitting on top of a lush green field
5 tarp shelter setups with a 3x3 tarp
5 tarp shelter setups with a 3x3 tarp
several different types of blue tents with trees in the foreground and one upside down
11 Types of Survival Shelters & Why You Need To Know How To Build Them - Survival World
Tarps have some advantages over tents such as: 1. You can't place a fire to keep you warm in front of a tent, but you can in front of your tarp. 2. lighter-- 1/10th the weight! 3. Cost less---1/10th the cost! 4. Based on the need/location, you can put up a unique layout... I often use a Tarp for wind/sun/rain protection and a Bug Bivey for insects.
two tents sitting on top of a sandy field
3 Tarp Shelter Designs to Know and Trust
3 Tarp Shelter Designs to Know and Trust « reThinkSurvival.com
the instructions for how to make a tarp shelter with one tarp and some paracord
Tarp Shelters Infographic #HowTo make #shelter from a tarp and paracord. tarps are at walmart, relatively inexpensive.