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Silhouettes and shadows say so much.

Aarona Lea Pichinson
Properties of light and how to apply them in photography. Another silhouette favorite, I like the way the light outlines her head. For some reason, this says a lot about the emotion of this subject, and silhouette is very effective way to portray emotion. Light Photography, Photography Tips, Portrait Photography, Film Noir Fotografie, Silhouette Fotografie, Silhouette Photography, Light And Shadow, Photo Tips, Belle Photo

Properties of Light and How to Apply Them in Photography

In each and every art form there is always a medium or a number of specific mediums related to that particular art. For sculpture it can be stone, glass, or wood, whereas for painting it can be color, metal, or paint applied to a hard medium. The one specific medium of photography is light. But [...]

There are many types of yoga for seniors to choose from. The beauty of yoga is we adapt it to our own health and abilities or situation.Yoga is beneficial. Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Meditation, Yoga Positionen, Hatha Yoga, Sup Yoga, Yoga Chaturanga, Morning Meditation, Yoga Flow, Yoga Inspiration

Top 10 Yoga Positions In Nature - Top Inspired

Yoga is real blessing, and the ones who practice create amazing energy that can make you shine. Your skin will glow, your presence becomes infectious, and

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I put all my dreams in a secret compartment where only God and I have access … Occasionally, I’ll there and keep new dreams, rewrite others … Once in a while God goes there and performs those who...

Yoga for Men Among the demographic of yoga practitioners, a good percentage of them are males. Indeed, while yoga exercises help women to address women's health problems, improve function, help…