Did this for Dylan's hair this morning (crazy hair day at school) Turned out adorable! Will be recreating this again for our Disney Trip

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Great for crazy hair days at school!

16 of The Most Eye-Popping 'Crazy Hair Day' Updos Ever

This girl went to school on crazy hair day with this insane updo: Her hair looks like root beer being poured into a cup! My school doesn't have a crazy hair day.

Crazy Hair Day at School: The Little Mermaid | OneCraftyThing.com

I& not sure who made up crazy hair day at school but I& wondering if that person was thinking that crazy really refers to how it makes parents crazy the night before. The request this time was:

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In recent years, schools have been celebrating "Crazy Hair Day," a day when students are encouraged to wear their hair in the wackiest way possible.

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