Kenneth Josephson: Untitled (88-4-235) - from the series Books , 1988 ...

40 Inventive Examples of Abstract Photography

Books photography art BW BN balck and white photo picture by Kenneth Josephson: Untitled - from the series Books, 1988 (Yancey Richardson Gallery)

Rugged Never Smooth

Visiting my brother in Florida - sitting on the beach w/ moon in sky listening to the waves breathe from this enormous mass of energy - this was heaven to me. THE VERY NATURE OF BLACK

garry winogrand

Gary Winogrand from his monograph 'The Animals', photos taken at the Zoo. Fabulous viewed as a series.

Stieglitz Cloud photographs Equivalent Series, 1930

"I wanted a series of photographs which when seen by Ernest Bloch (the great composer) he would exclaim: 'Music!'” - Alfred Steiglitz's How I Came to Photograph Clouds

Abbas Kiarostami's best shot | Art and design | The Guardian

Abbas Kiarostami's best shot

Abbas Kiarostami, Rain, 2007, Photograph on canvas

Abbas Kiarostami, Rain, Photograph on canvas

Uta Barth

Uta Barth, 'Untitled from . and to draw a bright white line with light,' Andréhn-Schiptjenko