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an iphone screen with various icons and buttons on the phone's display, all in different colors
an iphone screen with the message'tweet'on it
two text messages with different types of animals and people in the same area, one is reading what if i'm in love with you?
worth the wait 😭🫶🏻
an emoticive text message is displayed on the phone
two text messages with hearts and butterflies on them, one says love you the other says rep
two text messages are shown with the same message in each one's speech bubble
the text on the phone says sleep well princess
the text message is being displayed on the cell phone, and it appears to be someone's boyfriend or girlfriend
🤭 my gf just makes my heart flutter
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the text message appears to be funny and it looks like they're in love with each other
an iphone screen with the text up to pretty on it and hearts in different colors
the text message is being displayed on an iphone screen, with other messages added to it
#pinkcore #hyperfem #babypink #girlblogger