Hårspenne m/heng til bunad 9913

Hårspenne m/heng til bunad 9913

Åmlibunad fra Aust-Agder

Regional Versions of Bunad, Norwegian Traditional Outfit Happy Birthday, Norway of May)

Bolesølje fra Åmli Aust-Agder kvinnebunad.

It's nice to see them in a yellow metal. Note they have a vestige of the brooch pin sitting across the center opening like an ancient brooch.

IN magasinet : Alt til bunaden

Bilderesultat for vestagder bunad

Åmli dame - Norsk Flid

Åmli dame - Norsk Flid

Forkle til Åmlibunad - Mo

Bilderesultat for oslobunad mørkeblå

Forkle til Åmli-bunad, Mo (Aust-Agder)

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Overview of Norwegian Costumes, part The eastern heartland

Aust-Agder “Åmli” | Norske Bunader

This is my bunad.It is called Åmli-bunad from Aust-Agder. My mother was from Åmli.