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The Witcher Cosplay Guide - Ciri - CD PROJEKT RED

As many of you already know, not so long ago we launched The Witcher Cosplay Contest, encouraging members of our amazing and creative community to cosplay characters from our games.

Mercy cosplay boots <3 #mercy #overwatchcosplay #mercycosplay

Printable Overwatch Mercy cosplay armor pattern with tutorial - boot shoes greaves foam - digital costume boots Hanzo Widowmaker Pharah

and you are with me.

with the dark night upon them, the true king of light returns, and finds that they have been by his side the whole time.

Figurine WIP/ tutorial part 4 wings by on @deviantART

Making figurine wings tutorial Here comes the WIP tutorial of wings for figurine, you may need to find good reference of bird wings, close up shoots of . Figurine WIP/ tutorial part 3 wings

Equally ready to fly away or grasp and never let go. Focal point

Cast hands as a sculpture piece. I want to do a bunch of these on a board add lights and then stretch colored sheets of nylon over it.