Lasse Thomasgård

Lasse Thomasgård

Lasse Thomasgård
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The Play concept from Seymourpowell

Seymourpowell / Move, Wear, Link and Play / The Play / Concept / Portable Audio Production Tool / 2016

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Zen Perfume Packaging Design Talk about a zen idea and here is one that tops the list. The designs are original simple and as zen teaches are without the elements that are not required. The clever use of glass and plastic makes the feel of the product or

consistent look, different colors, didn't realize this was a tequila - but super ergonomic to the hand. Like the translucency vs. opaque/transparent

Unique design, if it were used to package juice it would standout among any other juice bottle design. Although, it may be a pain to drink out of since there seems to be no functional area to hold the bottle.


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