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Allison thought. "Shoot me." She plainly stated as Kasper whipped his head around to face her, "You have some nerve-" he didn't finish his sentence when he suddenly stopped then fell to the ground. He started shaking then he stilled. "The virus." Daniel muttered walking over to Kaspers lifeless body, he kneeled down and took the gun in his hand, "It killed him."

Allison thought. "Shoot me." She plainly stated as Kasper whipped his head…

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Happiness: noun the state of being happy. Sounds pretty simple but this state of mind is very hard to acquire. And once you do acquire it, the paranoia of losing it takes over your brain.

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As my daughter Stella gets older, I sometimes think back to my childhood. The very young years are often a blur. I do remember feeling loved and safe and being filled with wonder.