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Board Game Design

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Board Games currently being designed. Follow the process from idea to publishing.

MISHMASH: Galaxy is a light strategy game of long term planning, memorisation and card management with a theme of fantasy / SF Technologies taken from all sort of popular media, be it TV shows, comic


A LA KART is a food fight-themed kart racing card game inspired by "Mario Kart" and "Sugar Rush." - Blast ahead with a Super Mushzooms! - Launch Pasta Shells to knock karts out of your way! - Drop Ol

A surprisingly brain-burning spatial logic puzzle with a retro-futuristic theme. A growing metropolis demands a modern commuter train system! The mayor has hired several companies to build the networ

The year is 2084 and you are a member of an elite repair unit operating on the edge of known space. Whenever major mining equipment breaks down your team gets the call. Your mission: repair the damage

Hardseal is positive Cap'n, we've breached the airlock! Breach the airlock, blow the doors, plunder the ship! Space Piracy at its best. Players must navigate their Space Pirate characters through an