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Star Wars, Starwars

Who had a movie marathon in preparation for #TheForceAwakens? #starwars

7 episodes + the Clone wars movie (Now that's an awesome 24 hours) (Fitting the six seasons of Clone wars, and two seasons of Rebels in, would be impossible, I would need 48 hours for that!

Star wars art print, AT-AT Crossing, vintage star wars art, dictionary print

Imperial AT-AT crossing sign, old beat up looking straight from the planet Hoth, printed on vintage dictionary paper. These unique and original artwork are printed on authentic vintage early di

Spaceship Size Comparison

This is also a pretty cool size comparison chart… thanks again evilzwaardfishy for the link. Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5 all represented! Eve ships seem a bit gratuitously large, TBH.

Light Saber Keys For Star Wars Fans

Funny pictures about Light Saber Keys For True Star Wars Fans. Oh, and cool pics about Light Saber Keys For True Star Wars Fans. Also, Light Saber Keys For True Star Wars Fans photos.