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Most beautiful balcony roads in France

Route de Presles It’s a succession of open tunnels and passages, carved directly into the rock, resulting low and narrow lanes, blind corners and potential landslides.

Cliffs of Moher Ireland. The day we went it was super cloudy, rainy, windy and foggy all all day. I htought we would get there and not be able to see anything. The fog broke for about 20 minutes, just enough to walk the whole path and get some good views. Couldn't imagine seeing it in a setting like the one above. Worth the drive and weather.

The awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher, stretching 8 miles along the western Atlantic Coast near the town of Dongal, aren’t for the faint of heart; there’s no fence between you and the drop to the sea below. In Ireland.

Col du Chaussy Lang niet zo bekend of hoog als de andere alpencols, maar met een indrukwekkend panorama en een sterk staaltje wegenbouw bij de zogenaamde Lacets de Montvernier, een serie van 18 haarspeldbochten die dicht op elkaar zitten. De Col du Chaussy vormt bovendien een alternatieve manier om bij de Col de la Madeleine te komen.

Great Cliff Road France is without a doubt one of the most geographically diversified countries found in Europe.