Roland Deschain di Gilead by mitissima1975, via Flickr

Roland Deschain, the gunslinger of the Dark Tower series.Roland DeschainJon Shannow, the gunslinger of the Stones of Power series. RulesRoland by DT

The Drawing of the Three The Dark Tower  Stephen by FADEGrafix, $14.95

The Drawing of the Three- The Dark Tower - Stephen King Inspired - Movie Art Poster

Hands down the best opening line of any book ever written.  The Dark Tower Series: The Gunslinger. Best

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The Crimson King

The Crimson King by Michael Whelan ~ Illustration for Stephen King's Dark Tower

Susan & Roland

Susan Delgado and Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower IV - Wizard and Glass by Stephen King. Susan was Roland's first and only true love.

Roland by Michael Whelan

Concept Art for Ron Howard's THE DARK TOWER

Roland Deschain of Gilead - The Dark Tower saga by Stephen King - artwork by Michael Whelan

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 3 / Jae Lee (Artwork), Richard Isanove (Coloring)

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 3 / Jae Lee (Artwork), Richard Isanove (Coloring)


The Gunslinger Roland Deschain, one of Stephen King's most iconic characters, travels through parallel worlds on his relentless quest to find the mysterious Dark Tower.

Roland Deschain: Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #3

The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria (Dark Tower Graphic Novel Series

Roland and the dark tower by kevinwalker on DeviantArt

I believe roland will loose both hands as he reach the tower I havent read the last book yet, dont spoil Roland and the dark tower