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While I passed a deserted winter road, suddenly broke the light through the veil of fog and haze, and landed on the desolate and cold cornfield. We wish so definitely the sunlight welcome.

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It is as if the sun is fighting a fire fight against winter cold and darkness. Sunrays hangs on light clouds and stretches out flame-like light beyond the ice and snowy forest. Who will win in the end?

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Silence showdown - Twelve degrees below zero and no sound at all. Absolutely nothing to listen to. I stand still and listen, but nothing changes. I can hear my own breathing, and I can feel my heart beat silently inside. The only certain evidence here, and now that time has not stalled. It was just a feeling ... The feeling of time standing still.

This picture shows a lake called Djypsjøen. The name means; The deep sea. And it is quite deep in the middle. The sea is approximately 750 meters and is surrounded by weathered spruce trees. There is reportedly little noise up here, so on a quiet night like this, you can hear a pin drop. It gives a feeling of serenity and peace.

This was a photo I took on a hike in Norefjell. In Norway we call mountain ranges that looks blue with different blue scale for "blåner". This is a word to describe how the blue color changes throughout the countryside. I find a special peace of mind, when I see such a change to night.

I took this picture one morning the air stood completely still. Icy silence broken only by the distant glow of the sun on the horizon.

Today it was 4 degrees below zero. But it was also a day of blue skies and sunshine. So I went for a walk along some of the old forrest roads in the area. These carriage roads wind through several areas of farmland. As I walked the sun was about to rise and left a veil of mist and light.

I took this picture on holiday in Tenerife. The sun was about to go down, and colored the sky with warm shades. Palm trees stood quietly in the last breezes from the ocean. It was a proper relaxing atmosphere.

Today I went for a walk on the edge of the fields. Sun was low in the sky, and cast long shadows across the fields. At the other end was the main farm, bathed in sunlight. Under a blue sky, and over a shaded field. Low winter sun creates its own light and shadows.

Along a deserted road through the countryside, I saw the moon that shone over a meadowland surrounded by forest. It was almost a full moon, and the landscape was clearly enlightened. I stopped the car at the roadside and took a few pictures. With long exposure it can almost look like the moon acts as a winter sun.