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This picture really shows the strength of a steel column. It holds thousands of cubic meters of water at bay, without ever giving in.

pin 1

The moon on the way over the ridge. Lighting up the landscape with its unique glow.

The flowering is over for now. I have done what I was supposed to. My seeds will lead to new life.

One morning at the cabin in the mountains, I saw that the landscape was covered with a lovely white veil of frost. It disappears quickly when the sun pops up, so I hurried out and took some pictures.

Late in the day while I went for a walk in the mountains, I passed some cranberries cloths that hung down from a ledge. Colorful, they were, with a dark almost bleak mountain background. A great contrast between the vibrant and the hard perpetuity.

Today it was lovely sunshine. So I took a walk along a dirt road in the woods. There on the ground, was this leaf and shined in the sun. It glowed fall.

This leaf was and called solitary on a desert trail. I suddenly spotted it on the way back to the main road. The sun came towards me, and lit it up. It shined brightly colored down among the grass.

This picture shows a lake called Djypsjøen. The name means; The deep sea. And it is quite deep in the middle. The sea is approximately 750 meters and is surrounded by weathered spruce trees. There is reportedly little noise up here, so on a quiet night like this, you can hear a pin drop. It gives a feeling of serenity and peace.

In the afternoon it rained steadily, and darkness was about to come. So I thought; Is there really something to shoot out now? But I took the umbrella and went out into the garden. And before I knew it I almost stepped on a nice little mushroom. Instead I got the opportunity to take a picture of it :-)

These two small mushrooms I found in the garden while it rained. It looks like they stick together. Better two than one...