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Photography insects

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Today again a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine. Sunflowers in the garden thrive. And so do ladybugs preying on aphids.

A ladybug eagerly looking for food.

This little ladybug was crawling along a dried vine. I wonder what it was looking for.

A tireless little ladybug on the rise.

My greatest interest is collecting nectar, the driving force to my wings, the power of procreation, the energy to act, and conquer.

Flowers flies or hover flies as they are also called, is a species-rich family with over 6,000 known species. These insects have many different rich colors and patterns. Many mimic bees and wasps, which gives them protection against, inter alia, birds. This here found itself at home in the afternoon sun on a sunflower. A flower that they obviously like very much. No wonder, since it for the fly, is as big as a supermarket is for us. It got virtually the entire store for itself. Well, it…