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I stand in front of the darkness and the cold. I have power in my stalk, and I show vitality in my flower crown. The light and heat from above gives me courage. I struggle to get up to feel the warmth of the sun. The sun's rays are making their way down. Let them come to me, for I embrace the light and life itself.

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Today the outdoor temperature was minus 17 degrees Celsius. This rose was therefore properly frozen. The positive is that it stays very well in the cold.

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Today again a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine. Sunflowers in the garden thrive. And so do ladybugs preying on aphids.

A ladybug eagerly looking for food.

A stem with unusually many buds and flowers.

A tireless little ladybug on the rise.

The flowering is over for now. I have done what I was supposed to. My seeds will lead to new life.

Although the harvest is the end of summer, it comes with a colorful farewell. The seeds of a new year and new life are laid.

Autumn is here and the flowers have done their best. Soft stems have withstood the rain. There is still strength left.

In a garden in Sweden, I saw this rose that stood quite alone. Autumn is on the wane, but this beautiful flower still exudes summer glow.