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20 Fenchurch Street is a skyscraper in The City in central London. The building is named after its street address but is due to its distinctive shape also called the Walkie-Talkie. I took a picture of this building last summer. When you're standing right in front of the building, it feels like the building tilts and hangs heavy over you. A great edifice. On top of the building you will find "Sky Garden" a landscaped garden with a viewing area, terrace, café, bar and restaurant. Worth a…

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When I was in London, I visited the Natural History Museum. It is an absolutely stunning edifice and a world-renowned center of science and enlightenment. This picture I took in what I regard as perhaps the most beautiful room in the edifice; The Waterhouse building. This building is a London landmark and a work of art, and one of Britain's most striking examples of Romanesque architecture. It was project designed by Alfred Waterhouse, a young architect from Liverpool…

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Build it up Bit by bit Increasingly higher Against the sky Back to back Almost there The Willis Building is a commercial skyscraper in London named after the primary tenant, Willis Group. It is located on 51 Lime Street in the City of London financial district.

One day I passed an abandoned farm in the countryside. Barn and house stood not guarded. It was quiet, and the darkness was about to descend. Nevertheless, in the glow from the windows one could somehow discern life. A vanished time, a wait for eternity.

Chinese fare in an alley in London.

In Copenhagen, I passed this colorful street. It's amazing what some fresh color on the walls can do with the environment. So little that makes such a big difference. These colors have undoubtedly led many people to smile. I am one of them :-)

Denmark has a lovely capital, which I can recommend anyone to visit. The capital, Copenhagen has a walkway that is especially known. It is called "Strøget". In one of the squares, I stopped and literally let myself down with all the pigeons. Sometimes it's funny with a different perspective. In this case, the street perspective of a dove. They live their lives side by side, with us humans. They almost feel like they own the street as much as us. Making small talk with each other (as well…

When I was a week vacationing in London last year, I had naturally visit Westminster Abbey, An amazing building and a symbol of British greatness and culture. The current buildings are no longer raised in this way. It is fascinating to think about how this building was thought out and constructed. They must have done a good job, for parts of Westminster Abbey dates back to 1050 AD, and can still be seen today.

One of the many underground tunnels in London leading to and from the subways. The same applies throughout. If you do not go up the stairs; Keep right. A useful rule :-))

I took this picture through one of the stained glass windows in Westminster Abbey (London). In the imaging process, I've mirrored the glass. We are still on the outside, but can easily read the text on the lead glass from the inside of the cathedral. The window is characterized as a memorial to William Thomson, Lord Kelvin. William (Thomson), 1st Baron Kelvin of Largs, physicist, mathematician, engineer and inventor, was buried in the nave of Westminster Abbey. He was born on 26 June 1824…