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Outside a marina on Lanzarote I saw a school of fish that quietly patrolled the area looking for food. The water was so clear, that it almost seemed as if the shoal of fish hovered away through the air.

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I met this sheep flock when I came to a barn out in the country. In the middle of this building there was an opening in the basement. And before the opening there was a fence. Inside it was almost pitch black, but you could hear the sheep bleating. When I got over to the fence I saw the sheep. They stood up to the fence to see what was going on outside. I felt that I got a lot of attention right then. It seemed like they were waiting for me to say something important or make an…

Swans have their own dignity of themselves. It's easy to like such a self proven attitude.

These two cats looked like they patiently lay waiting for an easy fish dinner. The question is whether there was any food to get right here, since the service only consisted in fish spa for human feet :-)

This is our forest cat "Leonora". A real nice lady:-)

At our cabin in the mountains we brought our new family member Solan! He found himself soon seated comfortably among cushions and soft toys:-)

What is it with these crocodiles? Most of the time they lie motionless. One would almost think that there was no life there. But the eyes reveals. Eyes that carefully take notice of any movement. As long as the distance is large enough, there is usually no danger. But come too close, and this creature literally will explode with adrenaline. I am not among those who will stand in the way of these teeth, when that happens.

What is my place in life, and where do I come from? One could almost believe that this foal stands and wonders about life's presence. Presumably it´s not exactly those questions that are on this foals agenda. But I think for certain, that this foal strongly senses life. Smell, feel, hear, see and sense in every possible way. Yes; Life really is a great wonder!

This frog I met one day. It was sitting totally motionless. The frog has as we know also good camouflage colors. So it was not easy to spot. I gently lay down beside it, and could eventually actually touch it. The frog was not moving at all. It was quite obvious that it was convinced that it still was invisible. A funny meeting :-)

Our kitten have the softest fur, and the sweetest little purr, and such little velvet paws, and blue eyes, just like the sky (Must they turn green, by and by?) He is striped like a tiger, has black eyes as can be. He runs so fast and playes all day, but at the end he wants to lay. Resting in comfort, gazing with confidence, and then at last the day has gone. But in his sleep, he still goes on and on.