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I took this picture from the top of a bridge. It had rained a lot and the river was flooding large, with plenty of water.

While I was traveling in Sweden, I took some pictures where a road crossing a waterfall. The result got me afterwards immediately to mind one of the classic hair fashions for ladies. Simply ponytails. Just that these were created by large amounts of water and driven by gravity. Fascinating to contemplate these waters whatever it reminds you of.

In Norway we have little lime bedrock. It makes lakes, rivers and streams "acidic" water. To raise the water low Ph value and help the fish to survive, many lakes are limed. This photo was taken in the mountains, where it is not possible to empty the cup from a truck. So here is the chalice flown out of the lake by helicopter which has a sack of lime. This is emptied repeatedly and spreads lime smoke over both water and woods. Most of all it is fun to watch, when the helicopter…