When is tea not a good idea? Never! Dangerously delicious, addictive, and relaxing. Re-pin now, check later.

Tea: Tea is a nice hot drink that can relax the body physically. Mentally, it can also relax an individual. Tea also detoxes the body of all those toxic chemicals that could potentially be contributing to an individual's stress.

ALL YOU NEED IS TEA & WARM SOCKS.        A book and a cat as well...

Kirsten Murphy on

all you need is tea and warm socks.or wine and warm socks? Oh okay tea works too haha

Great gift idea if you want a tea party no one will ever forget!

Hit me with your best pot. The ORIGINAL tea freak tea towel. unbleached flax linen tea towel screenprinted with eco-friendly inks in white &am.

Thank You to Clare Hirn for a great Open Studio Weekend!!!!

I Want that tea pot! TARDIS tea and jammie dodgers. I love jammie dodgers time to go to the market and get some.

Tea-Rex.. This made me smile. :)

Funny pictures about Tea-Rex. Oh, and cool pics about Tea-Rex. Also, Tea-Rex.

Freshly brewed tea  contains moderate amount of caffeine which when used 'judiciously' can boost brain power by enhancing memory, focus and mood. It also contains catechines, a powerful class of antioxidants which promote healthy blood flow.

Tea is more than a drink -- it's a ritual. My aunt has a cup of hot tea with every meal and snack and has done so since childhood.

Today I created my perfect blend of tea. Fennel for bloating (something for every woman), ginger crystals for sore throat (great when running in the cold), a mix of cinnamon and honey (this specifically targets the metabolism & shreds lbs almost instantly), and orange/mango tea for flavour

september still life. by hannah * honey & jam - two of the best things about fall.

Tea - a cup of Earl Gray in the morning, please.  She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

Tea - a cup of Earl Gray in the morning, please. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Happiness is a cup of tea