LAB and GOLDEN addict

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Golden retriever

I love this thing. I love this thing. I love this thing. I love this thing, What is this thing?


But.. but... My tail is so tasty!

Ever heard of sucking your thumb . well if you don't have a thumb try your tail!

Hi, cutie!

Golden Retriever puppy possibly the cutest puppy I've ever seen

that head tilt, makes my heart melt


Golden Retriever Puppy Pile of heaven

lab puppy

lab puppy- love the puppy paws!

lab nose

Funny pictures about Sniff Sniff. Oh, and cool pics about Sniff Sniff. Also, Sniff Sniff.

Watching snowflakes.....

Lovely picture of a Golden Retriever with snowflakes falling about his head.

I'm sorry...

Dog Fears and Phobias

Black dog hiding behind a table. Peek-a-boo, I see you.


The only marks you should ever leave on an animal! Well said. He looks so happy and knows he is loved :)

Puppy yoga :-)

He's just being a butt-head.


and cats then I don’t like you.


Sweet dog covered in hearts ♡~Happy Valentine's Day~♡

funny dog pictures

pic joke math meme haha funny humor <b>pun</b> lol <b>dog</b> homework ate copy

where did that darn kitten go, i know i left him around here somewhere - A Place to Love Dogs

Christmas zzz's

Puppies are also part of Xmas celebrations who enjoys the fervor of holiday season by wearing Santa cap, holding gift in their teeth, enjoyi.