Basenji by Matthew Clemente, via Flickr

Little Known Dog Breeds - a few canines that you may not be familiar. You also get to hear my take on mutts and mongrel dogs of mixed breeds.

Basenji's always look like they're plotting their take over of the world.

Basenji, love these dogs, reminds me of my childhood days with "Celia's Red Puppy"

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Basenji dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun.

Keep Calm And Hug Your Basenji Ladies Tshirt by TheDogEmpire

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Cute Basenji + cute costume.

Dog Rider Costumes are a wonderful alternative to the whimsical outfits dogs often endure. They look awesome on any size dog but particularly.

I bet this is what my Karly looked like as a baby

Basenji puppy Alekson- it's a little Billie Holiday descendant.


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