I will give the packing advice’s that is necessary for traveling around Norway the most convenient way.     Not having the right clothes or shoes is not going to break the trip in Norway, but it can be less comfortable. Let’s make it a pleasant trip and let’s do the packing to Norway right in the first time packing. In this way: Enjoying the trip in Norway and not using your energy on being cold in May, because you have packed a warm jacket!

7 Fundamental Tips for Packing to Norway from a Norwegian Girl

5 Days Road Trip in Northern Norway: We went exploring the National Tourist Route of the coast of Helgeland and then further on to Lofoten. This Road Trip includes 2 of the 18 scenic National Tourist Route in Norway, that consist of scenic lookout points, visitor centers, bridges and public toilets. When being on a road trip, it is all about the stops along the road and the journey. Let's not forget the cinnamon rolls! We had long days in the cars with 5 hours driving almost every day…

5 Days Road Trip in Northern Norway with Lofoten & Helgeland

Road trip to Geiranger Fjord from Aalesund is one of the most scenic road trip in Norway in the heart of Fjord Norway. Geiranger Fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage. These fjords areas are natural heritage of outstanding universal value to be protected for the benefit of all humanity. We did spend our day in the Geiranger fjord and in Dalsnibba that is Europe´s highest fjord view from a road.

Road Trip Geiranger Fjord & Dalsnibba from Alesund. The Heart of Fjord Norway with Europe´s Highest Fjord View from a Road. Geiranger is a must do!