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I love this image of the baby that has been dawn in graphite and in a jigsaw. This is definitely something i would like to experiment with; drawing fragments of people with a jigsaw as it clearly matches my theme.

Pencil drawing is an art form that has been prevalent in the creative world from years. Long back in times when camera was yet to be invented, pencil drawing was very popular among people. Pencil d…

When Jhope tries to speak English...

You're not a looser, Hoseok! It breaks my hearteu when he does something like this .

What Happens When You Fall For A Korean Drama Man. I love this for how accurate it is, but I also love it for the ending gif.

Kang Min Hyuk and Jong Yong-hwa(both from CNBlue) in Heartstrings -I am the adorable coffee wanting one and the world is the meanie saying no-